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Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags – 54″ – Men’s and Women’s Clothing Cover – Your Bags (Black)

Details: Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags – 54″ – Men’s and Women’s Clothing Cover – Your Bags (Black)

Brand: Your Bags

review Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags - 54

With Your Bag’s Long Garment Travel Bags and Garment Covers your suits, dresses, gowns and other garments can be easily transported or stored while remaining in pristine condition! Make sure your outfit is ready to be worn wrinkle and damage free whenever you need it.About The Product: Non-Woven 80 GSM 54″ X 24″ Easy To Use Zipper Perfect For Everyday Use & Special Occasions Men’s and Women’s Designs For Suits, Tuxedos, Skirts, Blouses & Tops, Gowns, Dresses and More! Large ID WindowCOLORS & STYLES: Black White Fuchsia Tiffany Blue Black & White DamaskOur garment covers are designed to hold your garments and keep them in pristine conditions for everyday use and special occasions, such as business meetings, special ceremonies and formal events like graduations, proms and weddings. Our bags are flexible and will fit the clothing and storage needs of most people. It is made from non-woven 80 GSM and is incredibly lightweight, durable and resistant to wear and tear with prolonged use.LARGE ID WINDOWS!Some bags have a transparent pocket window on the outside to see what is inside the bags, other styles have a hanging ID window to insert labels or hold small items. This makes the bags great for closet storage and organization, and it is also perfect for stores, tailors and other locations with many garments from numerous customers.Get one of our garment bags today and transport your garments in style!At Your Bags we’re committed to providing quality products that will have you traveling in style. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, contact us so we can be of assistance. Get yours today and experience the quality for yourself.

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  • Products can be returned
  • KEEP YOUR CLOTHING PROTECTED: From suits and tuxedos to gowns and dresses, keep them free of dust, dirt, wrinkles, and all types of damage while you travel in this highly convenient travel garment bag.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Made from a durable material that is water, rip and tear resistant. Our bags are made with non-woven 80gsm polypropylene while most other competitors use 60gsm!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY TRANSPORT: Carrying around your clothing has never been easier! Despite their strong material, our bags are very light allowing for easy transport – perfect for travelling!
  • GARMENT COVER FOR CLOSET ORGANIZATION: These suit and dress covers are perfect for storage. Large ID windows let you know what’s in the bag so you can keep your closets organized and tidy.
  • MEN’ & WOMEN’S: Perfect for suits, jackets, trousers and sport coats, or ladies suits, dresses, gowns, blouses, tops and more. Choose a color and pattern that suits you best.


  • Is an online purchase
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas.

review Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags - 54

review Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags - 54

Buyer Guide Garment Bags

As cute as it may be, the diaper bag – that glorified laundry bag – is no longer functional. And, since babies don’t have their own wallets or purses, carrying them around becomes all the more important.

  • Consider what you’ll be carrying. Baby bags are designed to accommodate diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials. If you’re planning to carry anything from a changing pad to bottles, you’ll need a bag that’s large enough to accommodate everything.
  • Consider who you’ll be carrying. Whether you’re a woman or a man, you should be comfortable carrying the bag. Likewise, if you’re carrying the bag around with someone else, the bag shouldn’t weigh more than what’s comfortable for you.
  • Consider how often you’ll be carrying the bag. If you’re planning to travel long distances with your baby, a bag that’s spacious enough to accommodate your needs is essential.

How to choose Garment Bags

When picking a garment bag, there are three critical factors to consider:

  • Capacity. Garment bags are typically available in three sizes: carry-on, medium, and large. It’s important to think about how often you plan to travel, and how much clothing you need to bring when you choose a garment bag.
  • Material. Garment bags are typically made from one of two materials: nylon or polyester. Nylon is a tougher, more durable material, while polyester is a more lightweight option. On the downside, nylon bags are not as breathable as polyester bags. If you plan on traveling frequently, nylon may be the better option. But if you only plan on traveling occasionally, polyester may be the better option.
  • Portability. Garment bags range in size from 20 inches to 72 inches. If you plan to keep your garment bag at home, size may not be an issue. However, if you plan to travel with your garment bag, you’ll want to choose a bag that’s lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry.

How to maintenance Garment Bags

To keep your garment bag in good condition, it’s important to properly care for and clean it. Garment bags are often made from polyester, so it’s important to wash them separately from other apparel.

Simply fill your washing machine with lukewarm water, and add in a small amount of mild detergent. You can use a washing machine or hand-wash your garment bag, but make sure to dry it on a line or flat to prevent shrinking.

For stains, spot-clean your garment bag with a wet cloth and mild detergent.

If your garment bag has a luggage tag, store it in a dry place to prevent the ink from rubbing off.

Details: Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags – 54″ – Men’s and Women’s Clothing Cover – Your Bags (Black)


review Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags - 54

check price Suit, Dress and Gown Garment Travel Bags - 54