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it luggage Elevate 28″ Hardside Checked 8 Wheel Expandable Spinner, Ice Blue

Details: it luggage Elevate 28″ Hardside Checked 8 Wheel Expandable Spinner, Ice Blue

Brand: it luggage

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  • Products can be returned
  • Superior wheel control – Constant design & testing ensures the performance of our wheels lead the industry
  • Additional grab handle – Strong aluminum handle at the base is designed to easily grab for stress free travel
  • Sturdy trolley system – Tried and tested tough design to withstand the rigours of travel
  • Space expansion from the middle – This provides up to 25% extra space while still ensuring stability
  • Overall Dimensions: 27.6 x 19.7 x 12.2″ + 2.5″ Exp, Case Dimensions: 25 x 17.7 x 12.2″ + 2.5″ Exp, 8.47lb


  • Is an online purchase
  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas.

review it luggage Elevate 28

review it luggage Elevate 28

Buyer Guide Suitcases

If you are planning to travel soon, make sure you consider your suitcase size, price, and material.

  • Suitcase size. When purchasing a suitcase, you must consider the size of your clothing.
  • Price. The price of luggage varies a great deal.
  • Material. The materials of your luggage also vary.

How to choose Suitcases

Choosing a suitcase for your travel needs can be an overwhelming task. To make it easier, we’ve broken down the different types of luggage, and the pros and cons of each.

Soft-sided vs. hard-sided
Soft-sided luggage, also known as duffels or duffel bags, are lightweight, flexible bags that are made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics. Duffel bags range in size from carry-on to extra-large, and they can be packed with more clothing than a traditional suitcase.

Hard-sided luggage, aka suitcases, typically has rigid exteriors made from polycarbonate plastic or aluminum. Suitcases are stronger and more durable than duffel bags, and usually have more interior space and pockets. However, hard-sided luggage doesn’t conform as easily to the shape of overhead bins or compartments on trains and planes.

Wheeled vs. non-wheeled
Wheeled luggage, also called hard-side luggage, is a popular choice for travelers. Wheeled suitcases typically have four plastic or metal wheels that allow them to be easily pulled along.

Non-wheeled suitcases, also known as soft-side luggage, are a popular choice for budget travelers. Non-wheeled luggage tends to be made of lightweight materials like nylon, making them less expensive and easier to pack.

Backpacks vs. bags
Backpacks, which come in a duffle bag or suitcase style, are a popular option for travelers who plan on carrying their luggage. Backpacks are comfortable to carry, and they distribute weight evenly across the body.

Bags, like duffels, are popular for travel, but they can also be useful for everyday errands. Duffels typically come in wheeled or non-wheeled versions, which is a great way to ensure you can easily transport your clothing.

How to maintenance Suitcases

When doing maintenance, you should first determine the nature of the suitcase. There are two main types of luggage: hard-sided and soft-sided. Hard-sided luggage, such as polycarbonate suitcases, is more durable and can handle more abuse than soft-sided luggage. Soft-sided luggage, such as nylon suitcases, is usually less expensive and much easier to carry. However, it is less durable than hard-sided luggage.

You should then decide how to clean your luggage. Most suitcases are made from either leather or nylon. Leather suitcases should be cleaned and conditioned regularly with a leather cleaner and conditioner. Nylon luggage should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Details: it luggage Elevate 28″ Hardside Checked 8 Wheel Expandable Spinner, Ice Blue


review it luggage Elevate 28

check price it luggage Elevate 28